History of The Right

holy shit... kinda freaking out here on this new Future Of The Left record... just leaves me speechless. super aggressive, super melodic, super angry, super snotty, super guitar tones, and super songwriting.

here's maybe one of the best RAWK songs i have heard in ages... the lead track “Arming Eritrea”

for those that don't know, this band has two members who used to be in Mclusky, a band that was very very special.

blasting this new record today with the windows open while driving south down the lake was quite a pleasure... dig this shit now, people!

Future Of The Left - Travels with Myself and Another

1. “Arming Eritrea”
2. “Chin Music”
3. “The Hope That House Built”
4. “Throwing Bricks At Trains”
5. “I Am Civil Service”
6. “Land Of My Formers”
7. “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You”
8. “That Damned Fly”
9. “Stand By Your Manatee”
10. “Yin/Post Yin”
11. “Drink Nike”
12. “Lapsed Catholics”

try this and then buy this

here's the new video:


  1. I'm listening to this and thinking about Naked Raygun mixed with The Hold Steady (something in the initial delivery of the lyrics), but really reliving my days of discovering punk and the Pixies and the Dead Kennedys.
    It's so honest and hard: reminds me of why I love rock from the Ramones until the death of Cobain. This is about being a badass, and knowing it. Wish I had had this during the last marathon.

  2. I heart Mclusky, this was alrighty.


  3. hmm... i actually might like this more than Mclusky "Do Dallas"

  4. Respectfully disagree.


  5. Big fan of McClusky so am having fun with this. Serious amount of hype behind it tho, which could backfire but still. It's guys from McClusky.

  6. This record is pretty fucking brilliant...as in 'full of light'...as in 'the light side of the Force' (though it's delivered in a rather Sith-like fashion).
    Anyway, I like what that person said about discovering punk and the Dead Kennedys and stuff. Lapsed Catholics is now the name of my fantasy football team. We're gonna fucking win.