No Coke... Pepsi! No Fries... Chips!

i don't know much about Cola Freaks, go google them yourself, you lazy bastards... i do know they are from Denmark, only have a few singles released, and i bet they are young enough to be born after i lost my virginity (feel free to guess what year that was in the comments below).

i first read about them on Jay Reatard's blog and have since been trying to track down their 7 inch releases, with little luck. all i have for you here is a random collection of songs, but man oh man, what a fucking amazing EP this could be. there is a bit of a Blood Visions vibe to these tunes or maybe some Wipers riffs here and there... just listen to it, okay?

Cola Freaks "Gi Mig Piller"

plus, who doesn't love listening to rock music sung in a foreign tongue? little euro pricks, i love 'em. apparently they have been through town here a few times now and i still haven't had the pleasure of seeing them.

grab my homemade EP here (sorry about the 96k mp3s, i know i know...)

UPDATE: my friend just sent me links for their official EP and a single:

Ingenting Set single

(here's a funny video i just found of some drunk woman taking her top off while Cola Freaks were playing the Mexican Cultural Center in Santa Ana)


  1. I'm going to guess 1982...to a middle school art teacher.

  2. hm, they sound a bit like television, no?

  3. yeah, i can hear that... maybe Televison's bratty Ridillin chewing brother?

  4. your wedding night?

  5. Haha, yeah maybe. Cola Freaks:Television = Bill:George

  6. "It's an oppressive midwestern day, and you can smell the sun baked concrete of Chicago. Lawns struggle for survival against the relentless onslaught of summer, the buildings wilt, and young Bill Simos is rocking a Big Wheel down the empty sidewalk. He manages to gain incredible speed despite the misfit between his body and the roto-molded plastic vehicle.
    He turns a corner on two wheels, and looks confident as he careens around the corner, and crashes to the ground. He skids and there is the sensation of cotton ripping.
    He manages to get out of the wreckage, but his pants are torn and there is blood. He is too tough to cry, but feels relief when a soft warm hand is placed on his shoulder. He looks up into the angelic face of a strange and beautiful woman.
    In the following moments, the world changes. He is taken into a small cool house, doctored, and love flashes from his heart throughout his body causing changes he would actually have enjoyed, had he still been wearing his pants, not to mention standing in the presence of a woman, and been recently seen wrecking his new wheels.
    She is gentle, soft, and sweet to him as she leads him through a transition in his life and emerging as a young man.
    This, he will recall, is the best sixteenth birthday ever."