We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls

We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls
(FatCat Records June 2009)

1. It's Thunder And It's Lightning
2. Ships With Holes Will Sink
3. Roll Up Your Sleeves
4. Conductor
5. A Half Built House
6. This Is My House, This Is My Home
7. Quiet Little Voices
8. Moving Clocks Run Slow
9. Short Bursts
10. Keeping Warm
11. An Almighty Thud

i heard about this lovely little Edinburgh/Glasgow group from the guys in Frightened Rabbit. We Were Promised Jetpacks seem like a little sibling band to the Rabbits and i just can't get enough. they are another young band, maybe 21 years old or so if they are lucky. again, more little pricks doing it right.

here's the lead track "It's Thunder and It's Lightening"

the first single "Quiet Little Voices"

i had their 3 track demo in my top 20 two years back (maybe last year?) and they finally have a proper record coming out in June. if you dig Frightened Rabbit, LOUD QUIET LOUD songwriting, Scottish eggs, guitar pop, heart-on-sleeve vocals, you'll like this band... i even hear a little Archers of Loaf in there at times. there are more than a few delicate and quieter moments on this record as well for all of you sappy saps like me out there. it's really good stuff, i am only on my 3rd spin of this and i'm just crazy about it.


  1. I have a belief that some of the best bands have a "keeper of the groove" which is to say that you can get down to them despite the changes in the way they play. If you think Nirvana's ability to drone and then rock you can see it, though I said it first about the Cure (Wild Mood Swings where the songs start with noise and you end up dancing). This band has that.
    Digging it. I think this is one of my top bands for the year, which means I will buy two albums (one for me, one as a gift). No small accomplishment since I'm poor.

  2. haha... i'm gonna go and make a "keeper of the groove" t-shirt today... i'm thinking it will be done in Cooper Black font. either that or i will re-name this blog with that title.

  3. i'm loving this. been listening to nothing but classical for weeks now...thanks for pulling me back into the rock. what is with scotland and their rocking out? cheers homey.

  4. classical? what tha?! actually i just bought a bunch of classical vinyl box set collections from a library sale last week. Strauss is kicking my butt lately.

    and yes, it's true... all good rock comes from the Scots lately... cheers.

  5. I don't know...
    Scots have the oppressed people thing in their blood. A history of suffering makes you rock harder.
    Still, Kings of Leon are gaining speed and I still love the Hold Steady.

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  7. Kings Of Leon? fuck that shit... Kings Of Butt Rock. the only thing i dig of theirs is "The Bucket" and i have no problem saying it is one of the best rock songs of the oughts.