There's One Born Every Minute


01. Beach Queen
02. Afterthoughts & TV
03. Easy Chairs
04. It Gets Your Body Movin'

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Welcome to the sounds of Suckers. This is Quinn Walker's band with some other guys named Pan, Austin, and Brian. I was just crazy about his double album release from last year, which had some of the best cover art i have seen in a long while.

The guy is simply one of the most creative and most prolific songwriters out there. I keep finding new records of his all over the place. This new band EP makes me feel funny inside. Remember when Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev used to be dangerous and sublime sounding? Remember that time you took too much? Remember?

This will be my summer soundtrack.

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  1. If I ever pull off a bank heist: this is the music that plays throughout, even till the part where every one of my team is dead, I'm pretty sure there was a rat, and I am running away in an animal mask empty handed. The background is a hazy image of a fat cop in uniform who can't keep up and the sirens and lights fading into nothing.....sweet.