Another Perfect EP

DEERHUNTER - Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP
(Kranky Records)
1. "Rainwater Cassette Exchange"
2. "Disappearing Ink"
3. "Famous Last Words"
4. "Game of Diamonds"
5. "Circulation"

here's a tune called "Disappearing Ink"

see? now this is what i want in my rock music. EP releases are my favorite, get in there and do the job and get out real quick. maybe i will only start posting EPs from now on... anyway, i just got back from a quick trip to the Dominican Republic and this EP was pretty much on repeat as i sipped my silly colored drinks by the pool/ocean.

i wasn't too big on Deerhunter initially. i actually saw them twice early on when the first record started making waves everywhere, once on a trip to New York at Bowery Ballroom and another time here in Chicago. never was that impressed with them live and ditto on the first couple records... no big whoop. but this EP and the last record, Microcastle, have really turned things around. they are definitely getting better with each new release.

i'll bet i go back and listen to the first few records now and probably love them. it's a fickle and fleeting thing being a rock fan these days.

also, want to point out that this EP will not only be released on CD and vinyl, but cassette as well. i'm all over that. dig it, brothers and sisters... and then go buy it.

see if it fits


  1. This is way closer to what I would post, if this were my blog, and I knew as much about music,,,,but I don't.... so anyway, like it. More posts, if you please.
    also, the above has nothing to do with the fact that I am an actual deer hunter.

  2. how many deer do you think you have killed in your lifetime?

  3. I actually have only killed one directly. My stepmom hit one with her car one winter and broke the deer's hip. I put it out of it's misery before the coyotes or local dogs got it.
    I only hunt deer, I never seem to kill them. I guess, if you think about it, I really just go through a lot of trouble to scare the shit out of two dozen deer every year.
    Also, I hate Def Leppard. They suck, and while they may be tapped into the zeitgeist of their time, that time also sucked. This is why you don't channel Boston when you are trying to write lyrics, or Frampton when you want to rock.