History of The Right

holy shit... kinda freaking out here on this new Future Of The Left record... just leaves me speechless. super aggressive, super melodic, super angry, super snotty, super guitar tones, and super songwriting.

here's maybe one of the best RAWK songs i have heard in ages... the lead track “Arming Eritrea”

for those that don't know, this band has two members who used to be in Mclusky, a band that was very very special.

blasting this new record today with the windows open while driving south down the lake was quite a pleasure... dig this shit now, people!

Future Of The Left - Travels with Myself and Another

1. “Arming Eritrea”
2. “Chin Music”
3. “The Hope That House Built”
4. “Throwing Bricks At Trains”
5. “I Am Civil Service”
6. “Land Of My Formers”
7. “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You”
8. “That Damned Fly”
9. “Stand By Your Manatee”
10. “Yin/Post Yin”
11. “Drink Nike”
12. “Lapsed Catholics”

try this and then buy this

here's the new video:


There's One Born Every Minute


01. Beach Queen
02. Afterthoughts & TV
03. Easy Chairs
04. It Gets Your Body Movin'

try it out

Welcome to the sounds of Suckers. This is Quinn Walker's band with some other guys named Pan, Austin, and Brian. I was just crazy about his double album release from last year, which had some of the best cover art i have seen in a long while.

The guy is simply one of the most creative and most prolific songwriters out there. I keep finding new records of his all over the place. This new band EP makes me feel funny inside. Remember when Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev used to be dangerous and sublime sounding? Remember that time you took too much? Remember?

This will be my summer soundtrack.


We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls

We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls
(FatCat Records June 2009)

1. It's Thunder And It's Lightning
2. Ships With Holes Will Sink
3. Roll Up Your Sleeves
4. Conductor
5. A Half Built House
6. This Is My House, This Is My Home
7. Quiet Little Voices
8. Moving Clocks Run Slow
9. Short Bursts
10. Keeping Warm
11. An Almighty Thud

i heard about this lovely little Edinburgh/Glasgow group from the guys in Frightened Rabbit. We Were Promised Jetpacks seem like a little sibling band to the Rabbits and i just can't get enough. they are another young band, maybe 21 years old or so if they are lucky. again, more little pricks doing it right.

here's the lead track "It's Thunder and It's Lightening"

the first single "Quiet Little Voices"

i had their 3 track demo in my top 20 two years back (maybe last year?) and they finally have a proper record coming out in June. if you dig Frightened Rabbit, LOUD QUIET LOUD songwriting, Scottish eggs, guitar pop, heart-on-sleeve vocals, you'll like this band... i even hear a little Archers of Loaf in there at times. there are more than a few delicate and quieter moments on this record as well for all of you sappy saps like me out there. it's really good stuff, i am only on my 3rd spin of this and i'm just crazy about it.


No Coke... Pepsi! No Fries... Chips!

i don't know much about Cola Freaks, go google them yourself, you lazy bastards... i do know they are from Denmark, only have a few singles released, and i bet they are young enough to be born after i lost my virginity (feel free to guess what year that was in the comments below).

i first read about them on Jay Reatard's blog and have since been trying to track down their 7 inch releases, with little luck. all i have for you here is a random collection of songs, but man oh man, what a fucking amazing EP this could be. there is a bit of a Blood Visions vibe to these tunes or maybe some Wipers riffs here and there... just listen to it, okay?

Cola Freaks "Gi Mig Piller"

plus, who doesn't love listening to rock music sung in a foreign tongue? little euro pricks, i love 'em. apparently they have been through town here a few times now and i still haven't had the pleasure of seeing them.

grab my homemade EP here (sorry about the 96k mp3s, i know i know...)

UPDATE: my friend just sent me links for their official EP and a single:

Ingenting Set single

(here's a funny video i just found of some drunk woman taking her top off while Cola Freaks were playing the Mexican Cultural Center in Santa Ana)