Julie Doiron gets noisy again

Julie Doiron - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

there used to be an amazing band called Eric's Trip. i happened to be living in Ontario at just the right time to see them live in tiny little bars across southwestern Ontario on more than a few nites. Julie Doiron played bass in that band and since Eric's Trip broke up, she has probably put out like five or six solo records, all of them lovely and mostly pretty delicate and acoustic.

here is a new song i played maybe 15 times in a row when i first heard it:
"Consolation Prize"

this record is a return to form in my mind. she recorded it with Rick White, her partner in crime in Eric's Trip (as well as romantically for a time) and the sounds on this record really remind me of the skewed and noisy beauty of their old records that they made together. utilizing stereo separation, super low-end guitar fuzz, white noise room static, and little bits of ear candy percussion that only Rick White knows how to get on tape, this record is fast becoming one of my favorite of the year.

the songs on this one are her strongest in years too. whether she is singing about domesticity, love in a small town, or just how much she loves strumming her guitar, she has an amazing ability to sing about simple every day details and infuse it with this romantic meaning that i can't quite describe. plus, her voice melts my butter.


she played in town last week and i missed the show...

she makes you wonder


  1. What a great record. Tony the Tiger, "Ggrrrrreat!"
    She's fun to listen to and the lyrics maintain an honest purity while not being too raw. Just the right amount of production, too. I hate it when stuff is over done. But this is nice. It fits well on sunny days on the lake, but works if you're just chilling at home with a hot beverage and a deadline.
    Does anyone know if she's seeing someone?

  2. haha... yeah, she's taken. New Brunswick women are the best.

  3. just listened to 'consolation prize' three times in a row at work, wanted to say thanks for posting this and will be posting a link on mine to you.

    thanks again!

  4. cheers, dude... i can't believe i missed her show a few weeks back. she was my own private little early 90's indie crush.

  5. Wow, this is brilliant...makes me think of all things 4AD.

  6. I need more...
    I WANT more!
    Give it to me Bill

  7. Hey Bill this is Damon from Disappears.
    Finally made it over to Dignified Old and very happy I did. Need to spend some time here and search the archives. Great music everywhere! I just started this blogging thing myself. Channel 6 is a solo thing I'm developing. More of Cultural Studies thing with emphasis on the Hyperreal. Posting some art and Channel 6 Music here too. Wondering if you would mind me putting a link to your blog on mine. Thanks for the great Disappears write up!! See you around the Horse and Thanks.